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I’m Michelle Elizabeth and I help those stressed souls struggling with debilitating anxiety and chronic stress get back on their feet again and take back their zen! As a Holistic Anxiety & Stress Management Specialist, my mission is to teach others how to get past their hurdles and start thriving again using Ayurvedic & Functional Medicine techniques!

What is Holistic Anxiety & Stress Management?

Good question!  I have found that a holistic approach to anxiety and stress was the approach that got me the most results.  Anxiety and stress can always be managed and improved, and I choose to educate with holistic and eastern medicine principles! This means I will be dropping knowledge based on building a healthy foundation, not TREATING or CURING a specific symptom.

I look at the whole person, and teach principles that can be applied to get to the root of the issue.  This includes things like recommending natural supplements, herbal formulas, what you eat and drink, and how we can change your thought patterns and reduce the stress in your everyday life.  We look at everything going on for you and come up with a plan for your success not based on a symptom, but based on your whole person!

Sound good?  Now if you’re ready to explore with me, let’s go on a little adventure! 

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Truly nourish your body, mind, + spirit?


Know why you're feeling out of balance (read: STRESSED TO THE MAX) and how to fix it?

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Let’s get you back on your feet again, so you can start THRIVING!

“ Nothing is worth your health. Nothing is worth poisoning yourself into stress, anxiety, and fear. ”

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How to Take Responsibility of Our Own Happiness & Health

I was born to be a coach. Whether it was when I was young and barking orders at my brothers, Sergeant style, or as I got older and became the shoulder to cry on and Official Advice Giver, I’ve had such a draw to encourage and inspire change in people- whether they’ve liked it or not.

Finding what Sparks Joy

As many of my friends and family know, I am decluttering my house like a mad woman. I had been pulled to minimalism after a sudden realization that I needed to use my time more wisely… manage my life better, as I put it.

The Secret To Anxiety

I need you to know something- from me to you: Not every day is going to be great.  You’re not going to be happy every minute, every hour, every week. Pardon my French, but… You’re gonna go thru some shit.   Trust me- I have.   Eating...

Toxic Shock Syndrome no more- Menstrual Cups will change your life

Affiliate Disclosure You heard me. Does the thought of a MENSTRUAL CUP make you cringe? 4 years ago when my hippie GUY friend brought this up to me in the interest of reducing disposable waste, I balked. Hah! He’s a guy- He doesnt know anything about horrific...

When You’re Feeling Overwhelmed With Health Struggles

Today I was reminded of a hard truth.  Before I get to what that truth was, let me give you the back story that led to this truth. I have been feeling overwhelmed. Ridiculously overwhelmed with health struggles.  I am having so much fun and learning so much and...

“ Worrying does not take away tomorrow’s troubles. It takes away today’s peace. ”



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