Affiliate Policy

Well hello there!  And welcome to my blog!  I absolutely love sharing my knowledge and tips, tricks, experiences with you as I go forward this life.  If you’re here, it’s probably because you want to know about my disclosure policy.

Here’s the lowdown:

The FTC implemented some changes in their laws that govern the internetz, and the way we communicate some valuable information to consumers.  By law, I must disclose if I get paid for something I put up on my site, recommend, or link to.

On this site, you’ll see links to certain products I love or recommend and you should assume for every link you see-that it is a paid link or an affiliate link.  This means I receive some form of compensation for sending traffic over to the product page or the purchase of product.  This doesn’t mean it charges YOU anything more than if you were to go find the product on your own or directly to their website, it just means I get a kickback and can support this blog with that small commission.

Occasionally, I may write a sponsored post.  In this case, I will disclose that it is a sponsored post, but under no circumstances (sponsored post or otherwise) will I recommend something that I don’t already believe in.  If it’s on the blog- I’m down with it.

I am building a brand, a business, and a lifestyle for myself and those I love.  I want to share this information with others.  My posts take time, effort, and even money doing research, developing the post, and promoting it.

Affiliate links and sponsored posts are one of the ways I keep on living this dream. 🙂

Thank you for visiting, and if you purchase something that provides me a couple cents here and there- THANK YOU AGAIN.  You are allowing me to continue this space, creating health and happiness in my own little way.

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